• The Times-Picayune Online- The daily newspaper for New Orleans. A great resource for local news, entertainment, classifieds, and discussion.
  • The Gambit Weekly online - The local weekly free paper. It is a great resource particularly for apartments; the job section is small but usually packed with places in good locations. Best places to look for shopping and entertainment news, as well as good feature stories and editorials.
  • Antigravity Magazine - "your New Orleans music and culture alternative" A free, monthly magazine distributed around New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Antigravity Magazine specializes in stories about the alternative and indie music scene. They are also the sponsors of the Alternative Media Expo.

and consists of several independent artists in a variety of media: jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, journals, and more.The New Orleans Craft Mafia models itself after the original Craft Mafia in Austin, Texas, where a small group of talented ladies joined together to support each other in their crafty business endeavors.